KAKUNGULU & SONS METAL FABRICATORS is the industry leader in steel fabrication. Since our establishment, we are growing to become one of the largest structural steel fabricators in Kampala Uganda. 

Kakungulu & Sons Metal Fabricators is home to Custom Metal Fabrication, Custom Metal Welding, Custom Welding Services, Custom Fabrication Services, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Structural Steel Fabrication. We are a Steel fabrication unit in Kampala Uganda specializing in unique Commercial and Industrial products. We pride ourselves in using the best quality steel and metal to locally produce a variety of modern milling machines, destoners, chaff cutters, silage choppers, pan granulators, feed mixers, maize hullers, nut processing, polishers, posh mills, shellers and threshers, dryers and clippers and many more  styles for commercial, residential and industrial purposes.